CED Grant Allows South Central Industries To Construct New Warehouse, Adding 40 Jobs to Shawnee

Kaylee In The Community, New At SCI

South Central Industries received a grant in 2020 from The Department of Health and Human Services for Community Economic Development (CED). South Central Industries is one of only seven organizations in the nation to be awarded this round for funding. The funded project will create 40 jobs in the Shawnee community and and has resulted in the construction and operation of a new warehouse for South Central Industries to expand product offerings. The total funding from CED was $800,000 and construction has already begun.

Today, SCI provides paid employment opportunities through their programming to 55 individuals. The additional 40 jobs supplied by this endeavor will help employed PEEPs (People Experiencing Exceptional Purpose) earn an income, grow their confidence and have opportunities to socialize with others. All positions are full time, quality wage positions with benefit packages and room for advancement.

The new warehouse will be outfitted with adaptive technology specifically designed for individuals with special needs. These innovative additions to the warehouse provide greater independence for the PEEPs, growing their self-confidence and overall satisfaction.