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South Central Industries provides vocational training and occupational opportunities to over fifty individuals with developmental disabilities. Two group homes are located on the South Central campus that provide housing for twelve of these individuals. South Central's job offerings include city beautification, janitorial, lawn care, pallet construction and product sales. Volunteer opportunities are also available through the Community Market, SPAR and Meals on Wheels and self-enrichment programs through the Shawnee Senior Center and Blue Zones of Pottawatomie County. South Central strives to meet the vocational and residential needs, as well as, foster relationships and community outreach. 

South Central has received national recognition for its social entrepreneurship model yielding a result of 96.3% self-sustainability. Adhering to its mission of providing employment and residential opportunities and services to individuals with IDD, South Central has developed mission aligned business models that provide above minimum-wage paying work opportunities and constructed affordable housing for low-income and individuals with IDD. The South Central model is based on providing the same opportunities to individuals with special needs that the community at large seeks. The ability to work in a fulfilling job, live as independently as possible, volunteer within ones community, attend social activities, develop natural resources among neighbors and friends, pay taxes and experience a life affirming purpose are key tenants South Central strives to provide each PEEP (People Experiencing Exceptional Purpose) within its program. In addition, the daily programming provided affords South Central Peeps' families the ability to pursue traditional standards.

Growing Tomorrow's Opportunities From Today's Challenges.

Our History

South Central Sheltered Workshop, originally located at 1827 W. MacArthur, was originally affiliated with Shawnee Assoc. of Retarded Citizens in the year 1981. On September 12, 1981, a meeting was held to become a nonprofit organization with the purpose of providing vocational training to individuals for competitive jobs in the Shawnee community and for Tecumseh School to be the primary workshop location. The agency originally served 22 individuals. On October 5, 1981, South Central Sheltered Workshop was awarded its first work contract to produce survey flags for the State of Oklahoma's Department of Transportation. In May 1985, South Central Sheltered Workshop moved to 1221 North McKinley to a building donated by Don Bodard and Paul Hale. South Central remained at this location until September 1990 when it moved to its present location at 130 North Louisa. The agency has since purchased the following properties: 100, 120, 126, 204 N. Louisa and 419 W. 9th for vocational purposes and 314 and 301 W 9th for residential group homes.

South Central Sheltered Workshop became South Central Industries, Inc. in 1996. The name change was made to remove “Sheltered Workshop” which was now seen as politically incorrect terminology.  South Central began receiving funding from the State of Oklahoma to provide vocational training in 1984.  South Central Industries, Inc. now provides services to over fifty individuals with a staff of twenty five to assist with one-on-one and small group needs. Through nine separate contracts with the State of Oklahoma and private business contracts, South Central has been able to diversify its job offerings to include city beautification, janitorial, lawn care, pallet construction, product offerings, volunteer opportunities with the Community Market, SPAR and Meals on Wheels and self-enrichment programs through the Sr. Center and Blue Zones. South Central strives to meet its clients' needs vocationally, residentially and socially.

Who We Serve

The Heart of South Central Industries

The heart and mission of SCI revolve around the P.E.E.P.s , People Experiencing Exceptional Purpose. The goal is to make sure all of our PEEPs enjoy vocational training, employment opportunities, residential services and social outlets that will help them achieve their maximum potential by integrating independence, self-determination and productivity into all facets of their lives. SCI is growing community from isolation for our PEEPs and their families. SCI strives to place its clients (Peeps) in jobs that will provide them with purpose, social outlets, and a profitable paycheck. SCI strives to provide its clients safe homes and support to turn challenges into accomplishable daily living skills and for our PEEPs to achieve their dreams and desires to live life just like you and me with a good job, good friends, a good home, a purpose and the opportunity to give back to their community. At SCI we work to dignify differences and grow opportunities from barriers each and every day!