South Central Industries To Proceed With Housing Projects In Downtown Shawnee

Kaylee In The Community, New At SCI

As an aspect of the Better Together Initiative, South Central Industries is seeking to address the need for quality affordable housing in the downtown Shawnee area through two housing opportunities. First is a community-based housing project designed specially for adults living with IDD. The second is a neighborhood housing project that will be open to anyone in the community.

Community Based: At South Central, a large portion of our PEEPs seeking housing fall somewhere in the middle of the scale when it comes to the assistance needed for daily life – they do not require a structured, group home setting, yet their abilities are not quite at the level to live safely and successfully on their own. With these clients in mind, South Central has embarked on an effort to build its first community-based homes.

Options will be available for individuals as well as married couples and/or families. Twelve housing units will be developed during this phase of the Better Together campaign.  Two units will be single-family homes located within walking distance to the main South Central campus

Neighborhood Based: Neighborhood housing will consist of six single family homes to be constructed on lots owned by South Central Industries and scattered throughout the Kickapoo Run and Englewood Addition neighborhoods.  The homes will be two to three bedrooms, depending upon lot size. This is to provide safe and affordable housing options to families in Shawnee who wish to live in the area and lend to the growth and revitalization of the downtown Shawnee community.