Who We Serve

The Heart of SCI

The heart and mission of SCI revolve around the P.E.E.P.s , People Experiencing Exceptional Purpose. The goal is to make sure all of our PEEPs enjoy vocational training, employment opportunities, residential services and social outlets that will help them achieve their maximum potential by integrating independence, self-determination and productivity into all facets of their lives. SCI is growing community from isolation for our PEEPs and their families. SCI strives to place its clients (Peeps) in jobs that will provide them with purpose, social outlets, and a profitable paycheck. SCI strives to provide its clients safe homes and support to turn challenges into accomplishable daily living skills and for our PEEPs to achieve their dreams and desires to live life just like you and me with a good job, good friends, a good home, a purpose and the opportunity to give back to their community. At SCI we work to dignify differences and grow opportunities from barriers each and every day!